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Année 2016

Comparison of the combustion of pine species with two sizes of calorimeter : 10 g vs. 100 g, Chiaramonti N., Romagnoli E., Santoni P.A., and Barboni T., Fire Technology, 2016, 52(3), 897-929

Autoignition of Dead Shrub Twigs : Influence of Diameter on Ignition, Tihay-Felicelli V., Santoni P.A., Barboni T., and Leonelli L., Fire Technology, 2016, 52(3), 897-929

Année 2015

Automatic fire pixel detection using image processing : A comparative analysis of Rule-based and Machine Learning-based methods, Toulouse T., Rossi L., Celik T., and Akhloufi M., Signal Image and Video Processing, 2015, 1863–1703. doi : 10.1007/s11760-015-0789-x.

Benchmarking of wildland fire color segmentation algorithms, Toulouse T., Rossi L., Celik T., Akhloufi M. and Maldague X., IET Image Processing, 2015, 9(12), p. 1064, doi : 10.1049/iet-ipr.2014.0935

Evaluation of a wireless sensor network with low cost and low energy consumption for fire detection and monitoring, Silvani X., Morandini F., Innocenti E., and Peres S., Fire Technology, 2015, 51(4) : 971–993. doi : 10.1007/s10694-014-0439-9.

Scale effects on the heat release rate, smoke production rate and species yields for a vegetation bed, Santoni P.A., Chiaramonti N., Romagnoli E., and Barboni T. , Journal of Fire Sciences, 2015, 3(4):290–319. doi : 10.1177/0734904115591176.

Solid phase extraction of organic compounds : a critical review - Part I, Andrade-Eiroa A., Canle L. M., Leroy-Cancellieri V. and Victor V., Trends in Analytical Chemistry, December 2015a. doi : 10.1016/j.trac.2015.08.015. sous presse

Solid extraction of organic compounds : a critical review - Part II, Andrade-Eiroa A., Canle L .M., Leroy-Cancellieri V. and Victor V., Trends in Analytical Chemistry, December 2015b. doi : 10.1016/j.trac.2015.08.014. sous presse
Combustion of forest litters under slope conditions : burning rate, heat release rate, convective and radiant fractions for different loads, Tihay V., Morandini F., Santoni P.A., Perez-Ramirez Y. et Barboni T., Combustion and Flame, 2015, 161:3237-3248

Année 2014

Bulk and particle properties of pine needle fuel beds – Influence on combustion, Santoni P.A., Bartoli P., Simeoni A. et Torero J.L., International Journal of Wildland Fire, 2014, 23(8):1076-1086

Energetic potential and kinetic behavior of peats, Leroy-Cancellieri V., Cancellieri D., Leoni E., Simeoni A., Filkov A.I., Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry, 2014, 117:1497-1508.

Evaluation of forest fire models on a large observation database, Filippi J.B., Mallet V. et Nader B., Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2014, 14:3077-3091

Evaluation of wildland fire smoke plume dynamics and aerosol load using UV scanning lidar and fire-atmosphere modelling during the Mediterranean Letia 2010 experiment, Leroy-Cancellieri V., Augustin P., Filippi J.B., Mari C., Fourmentin M., Bosseur F., Morandini F. et Delbarre H., Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2014, 14 : 509-523.
Generalized Blaze Flash, a ’’flashover’’ behavior for forest fires - Analysis from the firefighter’s point of view, Chatelon F.J., Sauvagnargues S., Dusserre G. et Balbi J.H., Open Journal of Forestry, 2014, 4 : 547-557

Modelling of Eruptive Fire Occurrence and Behaviour, Balbi J.H., Chatelon F.J., Rossi J.L., Simeoni A., Viega D.X. et Rossa C., Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, 2014, 3:115-132

Modeling the lava heat flux during severe effusive volcanic eruption : An important impact on surface air quality, Durand J., Tulet P., Leriche M., Bielli S., Villeneuve N., Di Muro A., Fillipi J.B., Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 2014, 119(20) 729-742

Modelling the NO emissions from wildfires at the source level, Perez-Ramirez Y., Santoni P.A. et Darabiha N., Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2014, 14:1169-1183

Quantification of volatile organic compounds in smoke from prescribed burning and comparison with the occupational exposure limits, Romagnoli E., Barboni T., Santoni P.A. et Chiaramonti N., Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2014, 14:1049-1057

Representation and evaluation of wildfire propagation simulations, Filippi J.B., Mallet V. et Nader B., International Journal of Wildland Fire, 2014, 23(1):46-57

Slope effects on the fluid dynamics of a fire spreading across a fuel bed : PIV measurements and OH* chemiluminescence imaging, Morandini F., Silvani X., Honoré D., Boutin G., Susset A. et Vernet R., Experiments in Fluids, 2014, 55:1788

Surface Fires : No Wind, No Slope, Marginal Burning, Balbi J.H., Viegas D.X., Rossa C., Rossi J.L., Chatelon F.J., Cancellieri D., Simeoni A. et Marcelli T., Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, 2014, 3(2):73-86

Année 2013

Advanced stereovision system for fire spreading study, Rossi L., Molinier T., Akhloufi M., Pieri A., Tison Y., Fire Safety Journal, 2013, (60) 64-72

Assessment of FOREFIRE/MESONH for wildland fire/atmosphere coupled simulation of the FireFlux experiment, Filippi J.B., Pialat X., Clements C., Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2013, 34 (2):2633-2013

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Does Prescribed Burning Affect Leaf Secondary Metabolites in Pine Stands ?, Lavoir A. V., Ormeno E., Pasqualini V., Ferrat L., Greff S., Lecareux C., Vila B., Mevy J-P., Fernandez C., Journal of Chemical Ecology, 2013, 39 (3) : 398-412

Long-Term Forest Dynamics and Land-Use Abandonment in the Mediterranean Mountains, Corsica, France. Sanz A., Fernandez C., Mouillot F., Ferrat L., Istria D., Pasqualini V., Ecology and Society, 2013, 18 (2) : 38.

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Representation and evaluation of wildfire propagation simulations, Filippi J.B., Mallet V., Nader B., International Journal of Wildland Fire, 2013,

WinGPYRO : A software platform for kinetic study of forest fuels, Cancellieri D., Innocenti E., Leroy-Cancellieri V., Fire Safety Journal, 2013, (58) 103-111

Année 2012

A global kinetic model for the combustion of the evolved gases in wildland fires, Perez-Ramirez Y., Santoni P.-A., Darabiha N., Leroy V., Leoni E., Combustion Science and Technology, 2012, 184(9):1380-1394

Comparative study to evaluate the drying kinetics of Boreal peats from micro to macro scales, Filkov A., Kuzin A. Y., Sharypov O., Cancellieri D., Leroy-Cancellieri V., Leoni E., Simeoni A., Rein G. Energy and Fuels, 2012, 26(1):49-356

Effects of slope on fire spread observed through video images and multiple-point thermal measurements, Silvani X., Morandini F., Dupuy J.-L., Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2012, 1-15

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Année 2011

A GIS-based multicriteria evaluation for aiding risk management Pinus pinaster Ait. forests : A case study in Corsican island, Western Mediterranean region. Pasqualini V., Oberti P., Vigetta S., Riffard O., Panaïotis C., Cannac M., Ferrat L, Environmental Management, 2011 48(1) : 38-56.

An analytical model based on radiative heating for the determination of the safety distances for wildland fires, Rossi J.L., Simeoni A., Moretti B., Leroy V., Fire Safety Journal, 2011, 8(46):520-527

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Emission of biogenic volatile organic compounds involved in eruptive fire : implications for the safety of firefighters, Barboni T., Cannac M., Leoni E., Chiaramonti N., International Journal of Wildland Fire, 2011, 20(1):152-161

Identification and Changes of Flavonoids in Pinus laricio Needles after Prescribed Burnings, Cannac M., Ferrat L., Morandini F., Barboni T., Pasqualini V., Chemoecology, 2011,21(1):9-17

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On the use of stereovision to develop a novel instrumentation system to extract geometric fire fronts characteristics, Rossi L., Akhloufi M., Tison Y., Fire Safety Journal, 2011, 46:9-20

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