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2003 Thermal Degradation of Pinus Pinaster Needles by DSC, Part 2 : Kinetics of Exothermic Phenomena E. Leoni, D. Cancellieri, N. Balbi, P. Tomi, A. F. Bernardini, J. Kaloustian, T. Marcelli, Journal of Fire Sciences,vol. 21, 2 : pp. 117-130

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2011 Kinetic investigation on the smouldering combustion of boreal peat D. Cancellieri, V. Leroy-Cancellieri, E. Leoni, A. Simeoni, А. Kuzin, А. Filkov, G. Rein Fuel Volume 93, March 2012, pp. 479–485

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Chapitres de livres

2010 Thermal Degradation of Lignocellulosic Fuels : Biopolymers Contribution V. Leroy, E. Leoni, D. Cancellieri Biopolymers ISBN 978-953-307-109-1 Edited by : Magdy Elnashar Publisher : InTech, pp 303-319

2011 SIMULATION of fire spread : Physics-inspired and chemistry-based mathematical analogues, A. Muzy, D. CANCELLIERI, D. HILL Handbook of Models used in Ecosystem and Environmental Management Edited by Sven Erik Jørgensen, published by CRC Press, pp. 477-497