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Articles de journeaux internationaux

- A comparative study to evaluate the drying kinetics of boreal peats from micro to macro scales

Energy and Fuels, In Press, 2011

- Kinetic investigation on the smouldering combustion of boreal peat

Fuel, In press, 2011

- Emission of biogenic volatile organic compounds involved in eruptive fire, implications for the safety of firefighters

International Journal of Wildland Fire, 20(1), 152-161, 2011.

- Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in smoke exposure of firefighters during prescribed burning in the Mediterranean region

International Journal of Wildland Fire, 19(5), 2010, 606-612.

- Kinetic study of forest fuels by TGA : Model free kinetic approach for the prediction of phenomena

Thermochimica Acta, 497(1-2), 2010, 1-6.

- Investigation on the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds from heated vegetation and their potential to cause an eruptive forest fire

Combustion Science and Technology, 2009, 181(10), 1273-1288.

- Relation between forest fuels composition and energy emitted during their thermal degradation

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 96(1), 2009, 293–300.

- Reduced mechanism for the combustion of evolved gases in forest fires

Combustion and Flame, 154(3), 2008, 410-433.

- Combustion of pyrolysis gases involved in wildland fire : experimental study

Turkish J. Eng. Env. Sci., 31, 2007, 365-370.

- Kinetics of the thermal degradation of vegetation fuels

Trends in Physical Chemistry, ISSN : 0972-4435, 11, 2006, 21-30.

- Thermal degradation of ligno-cellulosic fuels : DSC and TGA studies

Thermochimica Acta, 451(1-2), 2006, 131-138.

- Kinetics of the thermal degradation of Erica arborea by DSC : Hybrid kinetic method

Thermochimica Acta, 438(1-2), 2005, 41-50.

- Fire spread across pine needle fuel beds : characterisation of temperature and velocity distributions within the fire plume

International Journal of Wildland Fire, 13, 2004, 37-48.

- Thermal degradation of Pinus pinaster needles by DSC – part 2 : Kinetics of exothermic phenomena

Journal of Fire Sciences, 21(2), 2003, 117-130.

- Measurement of fluctuating temperatures in a continuous flame spreading across a fuel bed using a double thermocouple probe

Combustion and Flame, 131(1-2), 2002, 47-58.

- Thermal degradation of Pinus pinaster needles by DSC – part 1 : Dehydration kinetics

Journal of Fire Sciences, 19(5), 2001, 379-397.

- The Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide : A non-linear dynamic model

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 59, 2000, 901-911.

Actes de conférences internationales

- Sampling and quantitative analysis of volatile organic compounds implicated in the phenomenon of blow-up, 2008, 18th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CHEMICAL AND PROCESS ENGINEERING.