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I obtained my Phd Thesis in December 2003. In 2004 i have been a Post Doctoral researcher in the Ocean Research Institute in Tokyo (Japan), and in 2005 in the European center for medium range weather forecast (ECMWF) in Reading (UK). Since 2006 i’m a full time researcher in the UMR CNRS lab 6134 in the forest fire team.

My main research area is to provide Computer tools and methods for forest fire science.

This research is articulated around 2 main topics :

Simulation methods and tools for the simulation of forest fire

We are developping a tool is the application of the Vector-DEVS method for the simulation of fire spread.
Reference of the method can be found in my Phd Thesis. The methodology is just providing a framework for the propagation of phenomenun with interfaces, the model used to provide propagation parameters is developped by the team of physicist in the forest fire team.

Methods and tools for forest fire data archiving and assimilation

Because data is more than essential to validate and study forest fire, our team has developped an experimental platform. Nevertheless a large sum of data is collected and there is a strong need to develop method and tools to archive and process the data in a more efficient and generic way.

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